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A simple, computerized reaction to some sensory stimulus, like the knee-jerk response. Computerized and quick; they do not contain the acutely aware Section of the brain.

five e chemical compounds made by a plant which acts relatively similar to a pheromone concerning them selves and other organisms

a device used for measuring the speed of water uptake of the plant because of photosynthesis and transpiration.

an organism that is able to variety nutritional natural and organic substances from uncomplicated inorganic substances for instance carbon dioxide (helps make its own foodstuff)

A vein connecting the capillary mattress with the intestines Along with the capillary bed of the liver. This permits amino acids and glucose absorbed through the intestines to become shipped initially on the liver for processing ahead of currently being transported all through the circulatory method.

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Dense fibrous opaque outer coat enclosing get more info the eyeball other than the component lined by the cornea; The "white" of the attention

a simple index of bodyweight-for-top that is commonly accustomed to classify overweight and being overweight in Grownups. It can be defined as someone's pounds in kilograms divided from the sq. of his top in meters (kg/m2).

A illness because of a protist that features a lifestyle cycle that includes the mosquito. Results in recurrent episodes of fever and might be fatal. The distribute is managed by blocking the vectors, mosquitos, from breeding and through the use of mosquito nets to stay away from being bitten.

a gland bordering the neck in the bladder in male mammals and releasing a fluid ingredient of semen.

An organelle present in big figures in the majority of cells, through which the biochemical procedures of respiration and energy manufacturing come about.

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A protein hormone secreted by pancreatic endocrine cells that raises blood glucose stages; an antagonistic hormone to insulin.

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